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Subjects Taught


I graduated from Athens State College in Athens Alabama with a degree in Health Physical Education and Recreation K-12.

I have also taken Women Study programs and Adapted PE courses at UAB.


I have been teaching since 1977.  My first teaching positions was at Pittman Jr. HIgh in Hueytown Alabama.

Later our faminly moved to Slidell LA where I taught Jr. High PE at Our Lady of Lords there in Slidell. 

Once we came back to Birmingham I taught at Parkway Christain Academy, and then Oneonta, before coming to Odenville.

During my years of teaching I coach many sports. I was a Gymnast in College so naturally I would want to coach my beloved sport, but that was short lived bacause the state took gymnastics out of the state athletic progams. So, I learned to coach volleyball. I fell in love with the sport and coached it for 14 years.  I still enjoy watching a great game of volleyball.  I have also coached swimming, basketball, and track .